Book your rentals early! Call or Email us to reserve!

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  • Half-day Rental : $35 (Port Orford only, up to 3 hours)
  • Full Day (up to 24 hours) Bike Rental : $50
  • Weekend Deal : $100 (pick up Friday afternoon - return Monday morning)
  • Weekly Rate : $275
  • Bicycle Delivery & Pick-Up : $20-$40+/- (varies by location, please inquire).
  • Helmets included with all rentals.
  • Waterbottle cages on MTB's; Revelate Design waterproof frame bags and front fenders on fatties.
  • Repair kit and lock included with rental party.
  • PLEASE BE AWARE WE HAVE LIMITED NUMBER OF RENTAL BIKES. We are a small shop located in a small rural coastal town and can only house so many bikes. We have 4 (four) Fat Bikes and 5 (five) 4 Mountain Bikes.



We offer Fatback Rhino FLT fat bike rentals. They have 26x4.8" fat tires, disc brakes, and 1x drivetrain. These are world-class fat tire bikes, born in Alaska and tested all over the world. Learn more about this awesome company we are proud to bring to the Southern Oregon Coast!

Get rowdy and explore John Dellenbach Dunes, or choose a slower paced, low-tide cruise. Our fat tire bikes are great for riding the trails, too, especially during wet weather!

All fat bikes have a Mucky Nutz® front fender to prevent salty spray from flying in your face as well as a full Revelate Designs waterproof frame bag. These bags are large enough to fit a water bottle, a thin jacket, some snacks, and your wallet and keys, all while keeping everything dry. (Our Alaskans thought of everything!)

We have ONE in each of the following frame sizes:

X-Small (25"+ inseam, 4'10"-5'4" rider height)

Small (27"+ inseam, 5'2"-5'6" rider height)

Medium (29"+ inseam, 5'6"-5'11" rider height)

Large (31"+ inseam, 5'10"+ rider height)

Please note, the minimum stand-over-height is a good rule of thumb but cannot guarantee a proper fit.



We have a new full fleet of 2020 mountain bikes from Kona Bikes, based out of Bellingham, Washington! Their Lanai 27.5" tire mountain bikes are great for beginners to intermediate riders looking to get out and enjoy the local trails. These knobby-tire bikes are perfect for our local trail systems like Whiskey Run, but can also be used for casual riding around town and exploring the gravel forest roads. These are not to be used on beaches or taken off any jumps or big drops.

All mountain bikes have a water bottle cage. Bottles are not provided for you, so bring your own or purchase a commemorative Pineapple water bottle from our shop.

We have ONE in each of the following frame sizes:
  • X-Small    (good for kids 10+; has 26" wheel)
  • Medium   (5'5"-5'9" rider height)
  • Large   (5'10"-6'1" rider height)
  • X-Large   (6'0"+ rider height)

Hybrid Street Tires Available on our mountain bikes for a $10/bike extra charge to account for labor time and materials.

Please call or email to reserve all rental bikes in advance and secure availability.