Just in for summer! We have a full fleet of 6 Fatback Rhinos. These are world-class fat tire bikes, born in Alaska and tested all over the world. Learn more about this awesome company we are proud to bring to the Southern Oregon Coast!

We have 2 each of the following frame sizes:
14" (Small)

18" (Medium)

20" (Large)

 Just Rentals

  • 1.5 Hour Rental : $35 (Port Orford Only)
  • Full Day Rental : $50

Guided Ride + Bike Rental

  • Guided 1/2 day Adventure : $120
  • Guided Full Day Adventure : $220
  • Fully tuned bikes will be delivered and picked up for you with your guide at the adventure destination.
  • Save $$ with a guided tour + rental!
Please call or email to reserve all rental bikes in advance and secure availability.