Which fork in the road will you take?

Whether you're looking for an 11 mile ride or a 60 mile ride, we have something for everyone. Our half day mixed terrain routes are typically around a 2 hour to 3 hour ride on some of our favorite local routes with coffee or ice cream before/after depending on the location and ride times.

All rides start with a pre-ride yoga stretch, bicycle check-over for function and fit, and coffee or sports drink refills trail-side.

Hills, flats, or gravel- let us know your desires and we can make it happen!

If it's chilly on the coast, head up the hills for warmer weather and clearer skies!

Greater Bandon Area

World Famous Langlois

Port Orford Area

Gold Beach and Agness

Mixed Terrain Guided Trip Details:

  • All guided half-day trips start at $90/person
  • All guided full-day trips start at $180/person
  • Local Deli Lunch is included on the full-day trips
  • Gravel bikes, cross bikes, or mountain bikes are recommended on these rides.
    • We offer mountain bikes as rentals for this type of ride.
  • Did you love your adventure? Thank your tour are greatly appreciated.

Please contact us for booking; the rides vary depending on clientele, locations, and length.

Ready to find out more?

Email us to find out more or to book your mixed terrain adventure! You can also leave a message or text 772-633-7385.

Full Day Sixes River to Elk River Gravel Ride